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Offering the best education isn’t just about having the best teaching staff, it also requires state-of-the-art facilities. That’s why at Institut Poblenou, we’ve got 14 completely computerised classrooms. But not just that, we also have a number of tailor-made spaces that are dedicated to practical activities for each department.

Among them we find a computer assembly workshop, a specific classroom dedicated to the simulated business SEFED Project for the courses on business administration and even a supermarket simulation for marketing students.

Our students have access to:

  • A total of 24 classrooms, 14 of which are completely computerised and equipped with all the necessary programmes for the vocational training qualifications we offer.
  • A study space, a bright room with large tables. It also includes a computer suite and, in case you bring your own lunch, it also has a fridge, a microwave and a sink.
  • An extensive library with specialised literature on the subjects we teach. Besides the study room, this is also an ideal space for you to make the most of the free time you spend at the centre.
  • At Institut Poblenou, we also have a multipurpose room that doubles as both an exam room and assembly hall.

Common spaces and specialised classrooms

  • A large entrance hall where you will find the centre’s reception and secretary.
  • A courtyard where you can play sport such as football or ping-pong.
  • A supermarket simulation, where Sales and Marketing students are able to carry out practical merchandising activities and roll-play situations they might encounter in the professional world.
  • Each department also has a fully computerised work space reserved for teachers, as well as a meeting room for visitors.

Our classrooms

We have 24 classrooms in total, 12 of which are equipped with computers that have the most popular programmes used in the business world.

The library

An extensive library with reference material and IT equipment, ideal for making the most of your free time at the centre.

Study room

A bright space with tables, chairs, computers as well as a fridge and microwave.


A supermarket simulation for practical visual merchandising and marketing activities in a setting that mirrors the real world.


Each department has their own spaces reserved for meetings and studying where students can work.

Common areas

We also have a multipurpose space that we use as an assembly hall, exam room, a lobby and a sports hall.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour with 360º images through the institute.

This tour has been created by our students.

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