Short Sea Shipping Project

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Project description

This course combines lectures, workshops and practical visits that are held at the European School of Short Sea Shipping headquarters in Barcelona, where students will sail on board a Ro-Pax vessel between Barcelona and Genoa; a unique way to discover the ins and outs of maritime transport.

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Project objective

By taking part in the training course at European School of Short Sea Shipping, Institut Poblenou aims to provide teaching on intermodal maritime logistics, short sea shipping and motorways of the sea. It also aims to encourage collaborative work and group solidarity as a way to optimise the development of logistics chains.

Groups involved
Teaching staff involved
2016-2017 Photo gallery
2017-2018 Photo gallery
2018-2019 Photo gallery
Groups involved

First- and second year-students from the AVTQ in International Trade.

2016-2017 Photo gallery

From 5 to 9 February, our Institute took part in the educational activity Fórmate en el Puerto (Train at the port) for the first time, organised by the European School of Short Sea Shipping, where second year International Trade students, accompanied by their tutor, Maria Duart, spent five days sailing between Barcelona and Genoa, learning and increasing their knowledge on intermodal logistics and other aspects of maritime transport.

Over the course of these few days, we lived alongside teachers from the European School and two other institutes in Barcelona. It was a fantastic experience where we got to see and learn things first hand, such as the day-to-day reality of working at roll-on/roll-off ports, intermodal terminals and the BEST container terminal (Barcelona Europe South Terminal), as well as the ZAL (Logistics Activities Zone).

The experience is twofold, as we have broadened our knowledge of international trade and met new people by working in teams, as if we were really working for the company. We have also obtained a qualification from the European School of Short Sea Shipping, that we can add to our CV, supported by some great collaborators (Barcelona Logistics Centre of Catalonia, Port of Barcelona and Barcelona Vocational Training Foundation).

We can’t wait for the next trip!

Click on the following links to see photos and videos of our trip.


2017-2018 Photo gallery

Second-year International Trade students took part in the Fórmate en el puerto (Train at the port) project from the European School of Short Sea Shipping. From 3 to 5 November, they sailed from Barcelona to the Italian city of Genoa to expand their knowledge on the motorways of the sea and maritime goods shipping.

2018-2019 Photo gallery

This year, first- and second- year International Trade students have once again had the chance to benefit from the experience offered by the European School of Short Sea Shipping. First-year students took part in a 3-day intense course at the School at the Port of Barcelona, while second-year students took a trip aboard a working vessel from Barcelona to Genoa.

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