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Project description

In order to get the project off the ground, students first contact the shop about whom they have carried out the improvement assessment. The student then personally outlines their project at the shop in the form of an information pamphlet, indicating the practical activities they’re offering and the objectives they aim to fulfil.

Students will be accompanied by their teachers on these visits to the companies. The businesses that are interested will send a confirmation email to the centre, at which point students will make a second visit to iron out the final details.

The teams of students will then start to organise their work: thinking about the design, content, materials etc., of the shop window and/or website. The product design is presented in store and if successful, it can start to be rolled out. There are three practical activities available:

  • Creating a Christmas shop window display
  • Conducting a market study
  • Creating the website

Project objective

To improve the learning process and bring vocational training closer to the commercial reality of the local surroundings. Simultaneously increase the students’ motivation by encouraging their initiatives and highlighting the value of their work.

Institut Poblenou also wants to open itself up to the neighbourhood, collaborating with small businesses and playing a part in their modernisation, both in terms of their image and communication.

Groups involved
Teaching staff involved
Photos 2016-2017
Groups involved

AVTQ in Sales and Commercial Property Management

Teaching staff involved

Mercè Font, Alícia Navarro, Àlex Laballòs, Maite Benavides, Martí Franquesa, Luis Román

Photos 2016-2017

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