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Information and C. Technology

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    Vocational Training Courses in Information and Communications Technology

    The Intermediate and Advanced Vocational Training Qualifications in Information and Communications Technology enable students to confidently manage IT systems and networks and develop computer applications.

    Dual Vocational Training

    This Intermediate Vocational Training Qualification equips students with the skills they need to install, configure and maintain microcomputer systems, local area networks and internet services, as well as handling ICT sales and repairs. This qualified professional will be able to adjust to service companies and organisations that need their own employees to manage and oversee their IT systems. What’s more, graduates that obtain this qualification will be able to continue their training in Advanced Vocational Training courses in the same field, opening up new possibilities and opportunities.

    Dual Vocational Training

    Students taking this Advanced Vocational Training Qualification will obtain the knowledge they need to develop applications for business management, entertainment and mobile computing. These expert specialists will be ready to join organisations dedicated to cross-platform application development or establish their own business and career as a self-employed professional. This AVTQ in Cross-platform Application Development allows graduates to easily integrate into the working world, or continue their training with university-level courses.

    Dual Vocational Training

    Graduates from this advanced vocational training qualification with obtain the knowledge they need to administer operational service systems and optimally install and set up the applications needed by an organisation.¬† The cybersecurity speciality will also give them specific knowledge on how to ensure system security, detect possible threats and ensure the correct provision of IT services. Qualifications in NCSA: Cybersecurity are in high demand in the business world, which greatly increases our students’ chances of employment, and also gives them the option to continue training at university level.

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