Vocational training:

IVTQ in Microcomputer Systems and Networks (Dual VT)

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Information and C. Technology

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    Secondary School Education (E.S.O.) or equivalent


    Morning group: 8 am – 2:30 pm
    Afternoon group: 3 pm – 9:30 pm


    2 academic years

    Technical Diploma in Microcomputer Systems and Networks

    This is an increasingly sought-after technical profile due to the needs of today’s organisations. These versatile specialists are qualified to work in companies that provide IT services and those that require an in-house specialist who can keep their systems and networks running smoothly. Students from Institut Poblenou are highly valued by the companies in which they perform their work experience, they learn to use the hardware and software that will become indispensable in their future job and are highly employable when they enter the job market.

    Graduates from this Intermediate Vocational Training course in Microcomputer Systems and Networks are qualified to install, set up and carry out maintenance on microcomputer systems, both for individual-users and networks, as well as local networks. This professional can also work in the sale and repair of these kinds of systems.

    What’s more, graduates from this course will be awarded a technical diploma that will allow them to access any advanced vocational training qualification from the same professional field, any other AVTQ having passed its entrance exam, as well as sixth form education (bachillerato). Students will also have the chance to obtain CISCO Networking Academy’s Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification with the new CCNA curriculum, as well as LPI certificates.

    Potential career paths

    • IT maintenance specialist in single and multiple-user environments
    • Internet services maintenance specialist
    • Local network maintenance specialist
    • ICT sales specialist for industrial sectors

    What you’ll learn. Programme of study

    This Intermediate Vocational Training Qualification in Microcomputer Systems and Networks is a two-year course consisting of 2,000 hours of study, including 970 hours of practical, in-company work experience if students choose the dual modality, or approximately 500 hours of practical work experience if students choose the OJT modality. Below you can see how the modules are divided over each year and the innovation projects they’re involved in.

    Programme of study: Year one
    Programme of study: Year two
    Innovation projects
    Programme of study: Year one
    • Module 1: System assembly and maintenance
    • Module 2: Single-user operating systems
    • Module 3: IT office applications
    • Module 5: Local networks
    • Module 9: Training and vocational guidance
    • Module 11: Technical English
    Programme of study: Year two
    • Module 4: Network operating systems
    • Module 6: IT security
    • Module 7: Network services
    • Module 8: Web applications
    • Module 10: Business and entrepreneurship
    • Module 12: Synthesis

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