Vocational training:

AVTQ in Cross-platform Application Development (Dual VT)

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Information and C. Technology

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    Sixth Form (bachillerato), Intermediate/Superior Vocational Training or equivalent


    Afternoon group: 3 pm – 9:30 pm


    2 academic years

    Advanced Diploma in Cross-platform Application Development

    This is a highly-sought after professional profile in today’s job market, where organisations and projects need to develop apps and relevant to their users. Besides working as self-employed professionals, this kind of analyst, programmer and project manager will have the skills and knowledge they need to launch their own business project within a growing sector. Students from Institut Poblenou are highly-valued graduates and some 90% find employment having graduated from this course in cross-platform application development. Students can also choose to take this course part time.

    Graduates from this Advanced Vocational Training course in Cross-platform Application Development are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to develop IT applications, which are designed for both business management or entertainment and information purposes. These professionals are ready to take part in their designs and complete the programming process from start to finish, managing databases and business applications. At Institut Poblenou, students come into contact with the software they’ll be using as part of their future job, adapting to the real-life working world as part of a company.

    What’s more, graduates from this vocational training course will receive a technical diploma that will allow them to access any official university degree, as well as being able to validate the subjects they have already completed and passed. Students will also have access to LPI certificates.

    Potential career paths

    • IT application developer for company and business management
    • IT application developer for general use, mobile apps and the entertainment industry.
    • Programmer analyst
    • Programmer
    • Project manager

    What you’ll learn. Programme of study

    The Advanced Vocational Training course in Cross-platform Application Development is a two-year, 2,000-hour course including 970 hours of practical, in-company work experience if students choose the dual modality, or approximately 500 hours if students choose the OJT modality. Below you can see how the modules are divided over each year and the innovation projects they’re involved in.

    Programme of study: Year one
    Programme of study: Year two
    Innovation projects
    Programme of study: Year one
    • Module 1: Information technology systems
    • Module 2: Database
    • Module 3: Programming
    • Module 4: Brand languages and information management systems
    • Module 5: Development environments
    • Module 6: Access to data
    • Module 7: Interface development
    Programme of study: Year two
    • Module 8: Multimedia and mobile device programming
    • Module 9: Services and procedure programming
    • Module 10: Business management systems
    • Module 11: Training and vocational guidance
    • Module 12: Business and entrepreneurship
    • Module 13: Project

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