Vocational training:

IVTQ in Administrative Management (Dual VT)

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Business and Management

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    Secondary School Education (E.S.O.) or equivalent


    Morning group: 8 am – 2:30 pm


    2 academic years

    Technical Diploma in Administrative Management

    Administration professionals are indispensable members of any business or organisation, regardless of their speciality, size or whether they are a public or private company. The work of an administrative assistant is essential to ensure the optimum functioning of the entire office and to guarantee meticulous management. As such, graduates will be highly sought-after professionals, able to work in a variety of fields.

    Graduates from this intermediate vocational training qualification are qualified to carry out administrative support roles in professional environments, includes those that deal with accounting, sales, finance and tax. They will also be qualified to provide optimal user or customer care in both the public and private sector. They will understand how to apply current regulations and quality protocol, as well as follow occupational risk prevention and environmental protection standards.

    Graduates from this vocational training course will obtain a diploma they can use to access an advanced vocational training qualification from the same professional field and any other AVTQ having passed the entrance exam to these courses.

    Potential career paths

    • Administrative assistant
    • Administrative assistant for collections and payments
    • Sales administrator
    • Administrative human resources assistant
    • Administrative assistant for government bodies
    • Receptionist
    • Customer service assistant
    • Treasurer
    • Payment method personnel

    What you’ll learn. Programme of study

    The intermediate vocational training qualification is a two-year course consisting of a total of 2,000 hours, which include 970 hours of practical work experience in a company if students choose the dual modality option, and approximately 500 hours of work experience is students choose the OJT modality. Below you can see how the modules are divided in each course and the innovation projects they’re involved in.

    Programme of study Year one
    Programme of study Year two
    Innovation projects
    Programme of study Year one
    • Module 1: Communication and customer care
    • Module 2: Purchase and sale administrative operations
    • Module 4: Assistant treasury operations
    • Module 5: Accounting
    • Module 7: Computerised information processing
    • Module 9: English
    • Module 10: Business and administration
    • Module 12: Training and professional guidance
    Programme of study Year two
    • Module 3: Administrative operations for human resources
    • Module 4: Assistant treasury operations
    • Module 6: Processing accounting documentation
    • Module 7: Computerised information processing
    • Module 11: Business in the classroom
    Innovation projects

    El ciclo de Gestión Administrativa participa en los siguientes proyectos de innovación:

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