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AVTQ International Sales (Dual VT)

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Sales and Marketing

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    Sixth Form (bachillerato), Intermediate/Superior Vocational Training or equivalent


    Monday to Friday
    8 am – 2:30 pm


    Two academic years

    Advanced Diploma in International Trade

    Graduates from the Advanced Diploma in International Trade will be able to plan and manage the import-export processes of goods whilst adhering to current legislation. International Trade specialists are also in charge of outlining product, price and communication policies in the foreign market. They are in charge of marketing policies, managing international goods contracts and supervising the development and evolution of sales.

    Graduates will also be qualified to work in any kind of manufacturing environment with an international outlook, which nowadays encompasses the majority of business networks. Their responsibilities also encompass sales transactions and storage, distribution and financing in the international market.

    Graduates will be able to access university bachelor’s degrees, where it will be possible to validate modules and credits they’ve already taken. They will also be able to validate the modules they’ve completed for other vocational training courses: Marketing and Advertising, Sales and Commercial Property Management or Business Administration and Finance.

    Potential career paths

    • Foreign trade, logistics and storage specialist
    • Trade, transport and international marketing department administrator
    • International sales specialist
    • Logistics coordinator
    • Reverse logistics specialist
    • Foreign operations specialist in financial or insurance organisations
    • International trade representative

    What you’ll learn. Programme of study

    The Advanced Vocational Training Qualification in Administration and Finance is a two-year course consisting of 2,000 hours of study, including 970 hours of practical in-company work experience if students choose the dual modality, or approximately 500 hours of practical work experience if students choose the OJT modality. Below you can see how the modules are divided over each year and the innovation projects they’re involved in.

    Programme of study: Year one
    Programme of study: Year two
    Innovation projects
    Programme of study: Year one
    • Module 1: Administrative management of international trade
    • Module 2: International finance
    • Module 4: Economic and financial business management
    • Module 6: Warehouse logistics
    • Module 7: International marketing
    • Module 12: Second foreign language (French)
    • Module 13: Training and vocational guidance
    Programme of study: Year two
    • Module 3: International payment methods
    • Module 5: International transportation of goods
    • Module 8: Market information systems
    • Module 9: International negotiation
    • Module 10: International digital sales
    • Module 11: English
    • Module 14: International trade project

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