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AVTQ Marketing and Advertising (Dual VT)

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Sales and Marketing

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Start date: 14 September 2020


Sixth Form (Spanish bachillerato), Intermediate/Advanced Vocational Training or equivalent


Monday to Friday
3 pm – 9:30 pm


Two academic years

Technical Diploma in Marketing and Advertising

The Technical Diploma in Marketing and Advertising equips students with the skills they need to confidently outline strategies and implement different lines of action that make up a marketing plan. Their responsibilities may include planning, organising and managing actions such as commercial market research and public relations.

Graduates from this Technical Diploma in Marketing and Advertising will be qualified to work in companies from any sector, including general marketing roles and more specific areas such as public relations, event planning or market research.

They will also be able to access university bachelor’s degrees and other advanced vocational training courses such as International Trade or Business Administration and Finance, where it will be possible to validate modules and credits they’ve already taken. Similarly, graduates could also obtain the Advanced Diploma in Sales and Commercial Property Management by completing just one more year of study.

Potential career paths

  • Marketing or advertising specialist
  • Public relations specialist
  • Marketing and communication events planner
  • Media assistant in advertising agencies
  • Market studies and public opinion specialist
  • Survey and census officer
  • Data coder for market research
  • Head of point-of-sale promotions

What you’ll learn. Programme of study

This Technical Diploma in Marketing and Advertising is a two-year course consisting of 2,000 hours of study, which, given its vocational nature, includes 970 hours of practical work experience. Below you can see how the modules are divided over each year and the innovation projects they’re involved in.

Programme of study: Year one
Programme of study: Year two
Innovation projects
Programme of study: Year one
  • Module 1: Customer, consumer and user care
  • Module 3: Economic and financial business management
  • Module 4: Commercial market research
  • Module 7: Digital marketing
  • Module 9: Marketing policies
  • Module 14: Digital analytics
  • Module 11: English
  • Module 12: Training and vocational guidance
Programme of study: Year two
  • Module 2: Design and creation of communication materials
  • Module 5: Research project
  • Module 6: Products and digital services launch
  • Module 8: Communication media and supports
  • Module 10: Public relations and event management
  • Module 13: Digital marketing project

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