Training and Entry-Level Employment Programme (TEEP) for:

Office and general administrative services assistant

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Employment P. (TEEP)

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    Over 16 years old and graduated from sixth form (E.S.O.)


    Morning group: 8 am – 2:30 pm


    1 academic year

    Office and General Administrative Services Assistant

    This Training and Entry-Level Employment Programme provides an introduction into business administration and management operations within an organisation. As such, students will learn to register, verify and process data, texts and documents whilst adhering to the regulations and quality standards stipulated in each case.

    Throughout this TEEP, students will also have the chance to take part in practical work experience, giving them an introduction to the working world.

    Once they have completed and passed the programme, students will obtain the ADGG0408 certificate in General Administrative Services Assistant Operations (Operaciones auxiliares de servicios administrativos generales). They will be ready to pass the entrance exam to intermediate vocational training courses as well as access adult training centres to obtain their secondary school qualifications (G.E.S.O.). As such, the programme helps facilitate both the students’ entry into employment and continued education and training.

    Potential career paths

    • Office assistant
    • Archives assistant
    • Correspondence sorter/deliverer
    • Organisation
    • Information assistant
    • Telephone operator for central information services
    • Box office administrator
    • Data logger and verifier
    • Document operator
    • Digitalisation assistant

    What you’ll learn. Programme of study

    This Training and Entry-Level Employment Programme (TEEP) in Offices and General Administrative Services Assistant is a one-year course consisting in a total of 1,000 hours divided between 820 on-site hours and at least 180 hours of practical work experience in a company. Below you can see which subjects you’ll be studying.

    Programme of study
    Programme of study

    Targeted vocational training:

    • Basic administrative techniques
    • Basic communication operations
    • Reproduction and archiving
    • Data registration
    • Data, text and documentation processing

    General training:

    • Guidance and resources for personal development
    • Knowledge of the social setting and the professional working world
    • Languages, maths and information and communication technology

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